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Grubbs Emergency Services, LLC, is an Emergency Service and Disaster Recovery firm specializing in emergency response for storm-ravaged communities. As pioneers in the industry, we have participated in over 150 major disaster initiatives since our inception enjoy an unparalleled reputation for excellence.

Addition to the services described herein, GES also provides staffing augmentation for assistance with disaster management and financial recovery programs. We will collaborate with your staff and manage all efforts associated the FEMA Public Assistance program including assistance with oversight and development of project worksheets, project design, project management and FEMA reimbursement disputes.

  • Pre-event contracting
  • Debris Management Plan preparation
  • Table top exercises
  • NIMS training
  • Notice to Proceed advance management team deployment
  • Damage assessments
  • Debris estimation
  • Disposal site contracting and permitting
  • Emergency road clearance
  • Debris removal, reduction, processing and recycling
  • TDSRS design, construction and management
  • White good collection and disposal
  • Hazardous hanger, tree and stump removal
  • Right of Entry program operations
  • Animal carcass disposal
  • Marine debris recovery and removal
  • Lake, canal & river cleanup
  • Dead fish & invasive species collection and disposal
  • Beach screening and restoration
  • Sand removal
  • Oil spill recovery