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Ballard and Hart Counties, Kentucky (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet) SERVICES PROVIDED Grubbs Emergency Services was hired as a Bergeron Emergency Services subcontractor to handle Hart County debris operations as well as support Ballard County operations.

The Hart County debris operation included field operations management/oversight, mobilization of subcontractors, payments to subcontractors, scheduling, and liaison services between KYTC and the prime contractor. Similarly, Ballard County operations consisted primarily of field operations and services. Field operations included but were not limited to the physical cutting of leaning trees, dangerous hanging limbs and stumps. Once the debris was cut it was placed curbside for crews to pick up and haul to the temporary debris site. Of note, were the treacherous conditions that followed the intense ice storm; in addition to the inclement weather, staff dealt with the rough terrain and mountainous roadways that had to be navigated to haul the debris to the disposal site. Another issue that surfaced unexpectedly was the limited capacity of the temporary dumpsites operated by the KYTC which were incapable of handling the amount of storm-generated debris generated from this event. Therefore, we were tasked with identifying other sites and assisting with the procurement of those sites. Further, the KYTC was monitoring the debris operations with force account labors which greatly inhibited our ability to ramp operations up and sustain the necessary production rates to finish the project in a timely manner.

GES immediately brought each operational issue up to the KYTC representatives and developed plans and approaches to meet the project timelines. In Hart County, we removed over 200,000 cubic yards in less than 30 days. In Ballard County, GES was instrumental in the removal of over 300,000 cubic yards. Each project was completed to the satisfaction of the prime contractor as well as the applicant.


SERVICES PROVIDED The event which blanketed the state with ice left downed trees and limbs across the state and threatened public safety. The storm required an immediate response. GES staff and heavy equipment was mobilized within hours along with a local complement of subcontractors/laborers. GES was awarded the bid for two out of the three potential districts, which covers approximately 12,000 miles of AHTD rights of way. FHWA was the sole funding source for the operation and all FHWA-ER requirements were successfully implemented.

The AHTD, unfamiliar with storms of this magnitude, commended GES experience addressing the post-storm cleanup. Debris operations included tree trimming, debris consolidation at the right-way, pick-up and haul, transportation to the temporary debris storage and reduction sites (TDSRS), reduction through open burning and land application of residual ash. GES was tasked as a requirement of the contract to select the TDSR sites. Many of the 200 plus sites utilized were through lease agreements with private property owners.

As with all post-storm events, strict regulatory requirements were implemented. Our staff worked extensively with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) on notification, setbacks and storage requirements. Notifications were made on a daily basis throughout the site selection and final closeout process. Land application of the ash met the department’s criteria due to the the debris consisted of predominantly green vegetative material.

At its peak, the removal project consisted of over 300 crews moving approximately 200,000 cubic yards of debris per day during peak operations. Ultimately, the project yielded over five million cubic yards with the operation completed in less than 120 days. note, AHTD did not possess the rigorous documentation requirements to support their claims for reimbursement. Grubbs Emergency Services, LLC through their data management system, provided the necessary tickets, truck certifications, invoices, daily reports and project closeout documents to facilitate the AHTD obtain full reimbursement for this operation.


NC Department of Transportation, 2003, Ice Storm SERVICES PROVIDED Following a crippling ice storm which impacted the state capitol region of North Carolina, GES successfully assisted the North Carolina Department of Transportation with an expedient recovery. GES, through a comprehensive bid process, secured contracts that covered a three county region (Durham, Granville and Person Counties). North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) lead operations across the state with many municipalities requiring assistance on their DOT/FED aid roads. Incorporated in the agreements for Public Assistance operations, NCDOT allowed Grubbs to handle the debris with the caveat that DOT/FED Aid roads were pre-identified and the debris operations were tracked, documented and invoiced separately.

The proprietary software owned by GES allowed company to perform this task flawlessly. In cases where the roads were incorrectly identified by the municipality or road was later found to meet FHWA criteria, the GES documentation methodology provided support to the client for their reimbursement claims.

The field operations consisted primarily of the cutting, loading and hauling of tree debris that created a threat to public health and safety. More specifically, those operations consisted of leaning tree removal, trimming of hanging limbs and stump removal. In the cases of cut, load and haul operations, the debris is not stacked at the curbside by citizens. This work is much more tedious due to the fact that the contractor is dealing with a more dense material and each tree can create a different set of circumstances.

The overall magnitude and the operations associated with this event created major hurdles for GES in regards to project scheduling, production and management. Nonetheless, as evidenced by the letter of recommendation provided in this proposal, GES completed ALL projects on time and satisfied all contractual obligations with NCDOT.